Look! Shiny New Website!

Welcome, Awesomenauts!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new, shiny, ruggedly handsome (did we mention new?), official Awesomenauts Pro League website! As you guys can tell, we here at the APL have been busy working on this little project for some time, and boy are we proud of it; from new features to streamlining the design, this is going to be a good home for the premiere competitive Awesomenauts community. Before you all get wonderfully explorative with the new place, why don’t we go over the overhaul and what you guys need to know going forward.

Driving towards our goals

The APL is an organization of people trying to put together the best possible competitive community in Awesomenauts. We love this game to death. We see a game where skill and teamwork are combined into an action-packed episode of blasting, jumping, and more blasting. It’s by far the most action-heavy MOBA out there to date.

Also, unlike most MOBAs, Awesomenauts has a low entry barrier: it’s easy to pick up and fun to play from the get-go. A lot of people love to play this amazing game, and want to get better at it. They want to push themselves just a bit farther: they want to compete. We were originally founded with that idea in mind, but now we have the support to back our philosophy.

With the upcoming Starstorm expansion Awesomenauts is becoming a bigger and better game than it’s ever been before, and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful, generous and incredibly dedicated fans. Time and time again we’re taken aback by the amazing initiatives that come forth from our players, enhancing the Awesomenauts experience greatly for everybody else, including ourselves. It seemed no more than natural for us to return some of the love <3.


Therefore, we are proud to announce the official cooperation with the Awesomenauts Pro League. Doing this gives us the opportunity to work together with our amazing community that gives their all to create a great experience for everybody to enjoy. We hope that by working together that much more closely, the tournament itself will blast-off to an entirely new plane of awesome!

– Ronimo Games

Thanks to Ronimo Games’ offical stamp of approval, we now have the support from the developers to really create an all-inclusive place where anyone, and we do mean¬†anyone, can compete. The APL 2 tournament was the last time we made this possible, and it was a huge success. Well over 40 teams applied, and 40 made it into the tournament qualifiers; coupled with the largest amount of viewers of any tournament, exciting games, and a lot of community approval, it was obvious that this is what we wanted the APL to be. Welcome to the realization of that goal: a competitive, respectful, and friendly community.

In addition, with Ronimo Games helping us out, we’ll be the first to show you some cool new features that will be added to the game, along with being a forefront to the entire competitive scene. And that’s a big thing.

Simpler is better

The new website does away with the old forum-based style we had. We now have a website focused more on creating a team, signing it up, and getting into tournaments, instead of being stuck in the murk of the deadly thread system from before.

What this means is that people won’t have to ask us “Can we sign up” because the answer is always yes you can! Just click a button, fill out your info, and blam, you’re signed up. This is conveniently located at the top of the website at all times, making this website streamlined for one thing:

Getting you in the competitive game. And that, is better.

News is easy to find

Because we here at the APL know how important it is for you to know what’s going on, when tournaments are happening, how a patch affects the scene, and lots of other stuff, we know that you need that information, like, yesterday.

Now with the blog-styled website, the news is front and center, arranged chronologically and not because someone trolled an old post to the top of a dead forum. You want the latest news? You want to be in the know? Now you can be, and it’s easier than ever. It’s also right there. Seriously. It’s awesome.

Looking forward

As you guys are reading this, the gears are already turning. We’re already cooking up the Winternauts, organizing ourselves, and making the APL the best, most professional, and most fun competitive community that Awesomenauts can have. We’re already looking for volunteers to help us, teams to fight, and games to show off. With replays and spectator mode coming together within the next year, this place is only going to get better and better. With your help, enthusiasm, and love for competition, we’re going to have an Awesome time!

So go ahead: explore! The website is ready for you, and so are we. We can’t wait to see you on the field.

About SlowWolf

Phil "SlowWolf" Budd is currently studying music and philosophy at university. He also creates YouTube videos (youtube.com/slowwolfgaming) and streams video games on his Twitch channel (twitch.tv/slowwolf). You can contact SlowWolf personally at: slowwolfgaming(at)gmail(dot)com
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  1. Nice, I’ll probably start watching these once Winternauts starts. Maybe someday I’ll be good enough to actually compete (I don’t consider an L3 without a team “good enough to compete”). Can I suggest side-competitions with twists to them (eg. Voltar/Genji/Vinnie on each side, complete randomnauts, have to run BKM). Kinda like the recent Froggy G competition.

  2. Hey guys,

    really great new shiny website!

    One thing though: I just noticed that team leaders’ email addresses are fully visible on the team pages. I’d rather not see my mail address on any website, let alone in clear-text which can be abused for spam when dug up by crawler bots.

    I think it would be enough if email addresses were internally available to the APL staff. Anybody else can contact the team leaders through Steam.

    Keep up the good work, cheers

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