An Apology from the APL

Listen Here Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen of the Collected Awesomenauts Community, The Awesomenauts Pro League owes you an apology.  We as its staff owe you an apology. Our attempt this year to bring you a more active season structure has been a failed experiment. Much of that failure is due to over ambition. The … Continue reading

This Weekend’s Drop Pod/Winternauts All Stronk Exhibition Extravaganza

A friendly reminder that directly following this weekend’s Drop Pod, the APL Staff will be exhibiting the ruleset for Winternauts exhaustively along with announcing a more detailed schedule for each match in March 8-9th’s WINTERNAUTS. The Following Teams have Confirmed their Attendance: BBQ BOSS BOOM Discovery Channel Fashionable Underwear Models (FUM) (Replacing 3HM who declined … Continue reading